Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Outfit +

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!!

Just sharing two outfits I wore this week. This one I wore to run errands. I finally got my paint (white) for my room!! By Christmas, my room should be close to "perfect".

Anyway. Wearing le wig, thrifted men's cardigan, stripe sweater (old) and scarf from Conway , h&m jeans (last year) and boots from Dr Jays. I was super comfy and warm under my winter coat (not pictured) I  forgot to snap my hat, but there will be time for that. Its getting colder brrrr!

This outfit I wore on thanksgiving to my aunt's house.Top and skirt from Danice. Love this skirt. Its was only $5! Bought it this past summer together with a red one. Should have snagged all the colors. Random pantyhose and boots from DSW, a while back (Steve Madden).

My day was filled with food, drink and relaxation. Forever Blessed!
check out my video

Did go shopping today/Black Friday?

Happy Holidays!! (too early? lol)


Monday, November 25, 2013

First Wash and Go

I did my first wash and go 3 weeks post big chop. I think i'm late. I feel like that's the first thing I should of done. Anyway, it was a success!

My hair was conditioned and I used a little castor oil in my thin areas (left side of my head. I plan on putting castor oil every other that in that section). I massaged a generous amount of pure coconut oil in my scalp and hair. I then proceeded to part my hair into small sections, spray with water and massage the eco style oil in.

Didn't check to see how long the process took me (not too long nor short), but it took forever to dry. I was finished at 4.30 pm and at 8.30 pm my hair was about 60% dry. The next morning, the middle was still damp.

Its probably better to do this on a warm day but my hair was completely white when I was finished. There goes the wash and GO! Couldn't go anywhere if I wanted to looking like that lol

Ok so these pics were taken the night of the first day.

This is second day hair. 

The Second Day... sigh
I experienced a lot of flaking. My fault though. My hair was a bit flat so I played around with it a bit causing the flaking. Next time I would use the pick to just raise the roots. Problem solved. Oh, and i'll probably use a little coconut oil together with the gel for a less crunchy hold.

I plan on doing another wash and go for Thanksgiving. It might actually be my go to style this winter ;)

Check out the video

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Stay warm!!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Style me Friday ~ Scarves ~ A Link Up

Me, personally love the chunky scarf look. I was able to share one of my favorite scarves with you in this Style me Friday post hosted by The Fashionista Nextdoor.


My Look

I decided to go a little Holiday-esque with this one. Wearing my 'only for special occasions' scarf that my mom bought me last year, h&m blazer, shorts from African Festival 2013 and Steve Madden wedges (old). Of course my usual gifted clutch ;)

Watch gifted and lips NK (Nicka K) lipstick ' 806 Berry Plum'

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 15, 2013

All Black Everything ~ A Link Up

Though a bit late, I'm finally able to take part in this week's Style me Friday linkup hosted by The Fashionista Nextdoor.

All black everything. A look I do very well!

Shoes are from Tempo very recent, Leggings from Conway (last year),Conway Peplum top

Hope you like how I mixed the soft and rugged look ;)

Short necklace from Beauty Supply store and the other was gifted. earrings, Forever21

My hair is in a twist out. Definitely enjoying this short hair. Its the first time I ever rocked my hair like this!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

3rd stop, Trader Joe's

Hope your Veteran's Day was Blessed

Today after Church and paying bills, I decided to go to Trader Joe's! I picked up the famous Raw Coconut Oil and their Women's multivitamin for hair skin and nails. I've wanted these  things for a while!

My first time at Trader Joe's was a very pleasant one. They (the staff) were very kind and organized; two words that don't usually go together in Brooklyn lol. Lets just say, I'll be back! (terminator voice).

I posed a bit before it got too nippy

I dug deep for my black hat, can't remember where I bought it. Conway top, Weekend jeans, Dr Jays boots and cardigan bought from a friend


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Chopped!

So yes I big chopped! I have about 1-2 inched of hair on my head right now and I gotta tell you, I'm loving it! LOL It was sort of a spur of the moment decision. I mean, I was thinking about it for a while (since I took out the crochet braids) but never thought I would do it. Then one night, in the middle of Prison Break I just went for it. Just. Like. That. That was November 1st.

Well, since then I've bin doing twist outs with my usual products (blue magic leave in, almond oil), but I just purchased a new twist out product from the 'As I Am' brand. I heard good things about the line and can't wait to try it!

It's all about healthy hair for me now. I'm not stressing it. No color (hopefully, cause I'm thinking of  blue black *sigh*) and definitely no heat. I want my hair to grow out healthy and strong; looking, feeling and being. If that makes sense.

 I would be trying out different things like rod sets (if possible), straw sets, wash and go etc. Styles that can hold me down for a few days...that I can just "wake up" with water.

Here are a couple pics and my hair vlog to go with 'em


Monday, November 4, 2013

F21 Run

Today I went to Forever21 for a scarf and some studs (jewelry...not men lol... my mind I tell ya!) The temperature is dropping quickly in NY so i'm getting prepared. The weather was mild for Halloween, but we won't be so lucky for Thanksgiving! This is what I wore.

Earrings from F21, Necklace from Danice and Ring from street vendor
Coat xoxo Macy's (old)

I have a BIG hair update / Vlog coming so stay tuned ;)


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Night 2013

So I've bin waiting forever to wear this leggings from Forever 21. I found the perfect top to go with it at Forever as well (recent) at a steal price of 7.80. The catch? Yes there is one, the left sleeve is tighter than the right. *sigh*. Not sure if all are like that or if I was just "lucky" to pick the black sheep of the bunch. Was too lazy to take it back to find out so...

Lips NYX Eyeliner 'Sapphire'

On Halloween The Guy and I went to the neighborhood Applebees for drinks and wings!

And Yes its a wig LOL Watch the video ;)