Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback~ Past Halloweens

Happy Halloween everyone. This year I would not be getting into character, so here are a few looks I wore over the past years.

Top left to bottom right

Tiger face- 2012 I didn't even go anywhere, I was just in the mood to play dress up. My little cousins loved it!

Pirate- 2010 I went to a boat ride with my cousin (pictured) and friends. It was silly. The boat was over crowded and didn't even move lol

I didn't know what I was  (bottom left)- 2006? The fit just came together last minute and I went with it. First Halloween boat ride and it was fun with my cousin (pictured) rip.

Base Baller- 2011 My 2nd time wear that costume. I went to a party at my neighborhood club lol

Be safe every one


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hair Talk

 I have bin paying more attention to my hair since the crochet braids take down. To say the least, my hair was brittle and dry (the colored ends) post crochet :/ I also lost a bit of hair during the de- tangling process. My hair is not in good shape.

I swear not to braid or weave my hair for at least a year, moisturize more and incorporate more protective styles into my hair regimen.

This week I did a twist out, much smaller than usual. I made sure my hair was damp, added my Blue Magic leave in, jojoba oil and some Eco Styler Gel (to the roots) and twisted. Loved it! 

The take-down was easy breezy the next day and looked better than I expected.

In a couple weeks I might revisit one of my old protective styles.

I have a new look coming soon ;) ;)

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I think this style of pants if called Harem right? Hope I am lol Anyway...

Wore this fit to a Birthday gathering last night.

Tank and Pants from Danice (bin wanting to wear this combo for awhile) Flats from Pay Half (very recent. Like 2 days ago recent. It was on sale too) and Jacket from H&M. My hair was a twist out (done smaller than usual...Love it!). Oh bag from F21

I have a hair update coming soon. My hair suffered from the crochet braids :( I lost thickness/body/fullness, so I'm in the process of pampering my hair. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Printed Tee & Aztec

Shopping around Atlantic Mall with my cuz. Felt extra special when someone stopped me to take a picture of my outfit to put on her Blog!! (not these pics lol) I can't find the Blog though. She
told me ' mama and beyond', ever heard of it?
I'll keep looking

Got my Tee from F21, leggings from Danice, jacket (last year) Necessary Clothing and Chucks

I cut the hair too, did you notice? I needed a change for the last week ;)
Funny thing is, i'm supposed to take the hair out this Friday, but I am loving the shorter look. One extra week?! We'll see