Sunday, June 30, 2013

Burnt Orange

Snap shots of my hair (2nd day from flat twist out) and Dress I wore last Wednesday

Any plans for the July 4th Holiday?


Friday, June 28, 2013

Your Floral Flyness

Yet another movie night ;) This time we saw World War Z. (It was awesome!) Anywho,

 I absolutely love this blouse. I bought it since March from Danice. Yup, March! My shorts was a gift from Trinidad and my flats from Strawberry. I'm hiding my 'cheese' with the back of the blouse lol

Sorry I forgot to show the back of the blouse, check out my video to see :)

What do you think if this peek -ah- boo look?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So, yes I've bin sorta living in these pants. Why? Its crazy hot and this pants is so breathable. I am on the hunt for a couple more pairs. Word is, there are very inexpensive ones at Conway ;)

Top: H&M
Pants: Forever21
Sandals: Strawberry

Hope you're having a great week!
Whats your favorite piece of clothing this summer?


Monday, June 24, 2013

The 42nd Annual African Arts Festival (upcoming event)

Lets talk- The Annual African Arts Festival!! This event spans from Thursday July 4th- Sunday July 7th, 10am- 9pm. "rain or Shine"

" Donate $3 at the gate and win prizes daily. Children $1"

It will be held in Brooklyn at Commodore Barry Park- Navy Street (Park & Flushing aves) Brooklyn NY 11205

More info- 1347 638 6700

Looks like a great time so come out and enjoy. Bring your family and friends!

See you there...Maybe?? Let me know if you're interested to meet up!



Friday, June 21, 2013

How To Wear~ Peplum~~ A Link UP

Look at me in the bottom right corner doing my thAng lol (photo edited)

For this week's Style Me Friday, its all about Peplum. Its a very versatile trend that I was not into at all when it first surfaced. (Truth be told, im still not that into it). With that said though, it is very easy to wear and could give the illusion of a itty bitty waist. Oh yeahhh!

I wore my Peplum top from Danice with my Charlotte Russe skirt, random belt from a blouse and heels from Strawberry. The belt really brought the look together, especially with the tassels!

What is your go to piece to pair with a peplum top?

Be sure to visit the main link up page over at The Fashionista Next Door


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Endless Nights

The guy and I went to see 'The Man of Steel'. Yo, I bin asking about this movie since last summer lol It did not disappoint; I love the way they re made it!

Well, we also had pizza at a nice restaurant called Vapiano around the corner from the theater. I was impressed with the decor of the place and unique pay system they have (everyone gets a card, swipe when you order & pay at checkout). We didn't hang out long enough for me to give a full review. Maybe next time.

 My ' Endless Nights' tank is from H&M (luv), jeans from Know Style, Strawberry flats and MK bag. My hair was from a flat twist out that went wrong in the rain. Did you noticed I got a hair cut?!! (will talk about it more in later post)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Because the rain held up I decided to give The Guy a visit. I wore my Hi...Bye tank from Rainbow, F21 pants and shoes from DeJaneiro. Comfy and casual. Hair puff from twist out.

Would you rock my tank? 


Friday, June 7, 2013


Quick snaps of me rocking one of my favorite t shirts I ever found at the thrift store

(when you own fabulous jeans you don't ever wanna take em bad)

Happy Friday!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Minty Grey

Did I mention that movie season is back?! I'm so happy that the Guy likes movie  time as much as I do. We even rate the ones we see together. Cheesy? Ya, whatever!! :)

Any who, we went to see After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith. I try to watch every Will Smith movie (I Am Legend was my favorite) so I was all in with this movie choice. It was given very poor reviews, but I usually don't take those to heart. It was actually a pretty good flick!

My Sangria before the movie was Ok. Not a big fan

I wore my hair blown out (from flat twist out), Top from Danice, jeans ( my favorite, you know that by now right?) from Weekend, De Janeiro flats and bag from Unique (a flea market type store in queens). Lippie? 'Moody Blue' by NickaK

We had a late start so I had to take night pics...Ya, not the best

The money sucking machine aka metro card machine lol


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Blow Out~~ Natural Hair

I blame Ms Vaughn for this!! lol Check out her video here to see how pretty her blow out is.

A couple months ago I told myself " no more heat"... well I lied *sigh* I love the length I get when my hair is stretched, but I have to wait two days after my wash to achieve a fully stretch look, so out came the blow dryer.

1. My hair was washed and conditioned...I also deep conditioned for an hour. I detangled with my regular leave in conditioner of the moment (Cantu Shea Butter leave in)

2. I applied the treseme heat protectant to my hair section by section and blow dried tension method (as seen in Ms Vaughn's video)

3. Lastly I applied some Olive Oil to the hair and twisted (mainly to keep the finished sections out of the way)

The results :)

Day of ~ before the flat twists

The next day~ post flat twists :) 2nd day

Best blow out results since I've bin loose natural (I always say loose
natural because I had locs before, which is also a natural state of my hair~no chemicals so
please excuse me. I also opt to say post locs
as well)


I need to get me some Argan oil to keep my hair glossy and smelling good!

Like the look? (sry pics are a bit blur)


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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Floral "Shorts"

Thursday was 90 degrees in NY. Oh Happy Day!! I loved it :D

I went to the movies with my cousin for her birthday to watch The Hangover pt 3 . The first one was bomb dot com funny, the second one not so much, but they definitely redeem themselves with part three. It was funnay! As a last minute decision, we also saw Fast and the Furious 6. SUPER action packed, so if you like those kinda things (hott men driving fast cars and kicking ass) go see it! *wink*

I wore floral shorts (really a romper that I tucked in) from Danice, top from Rainbow, gifted bag and flats from Vim. My hair is a flat twist-out & flexi rod set (confusing, I know), lips ''snob' by mac and nails 'Caribbean' by Ruby kisses

Would you convert your romper into shorts?