Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday OUTFIT: Shake Shack

Went out to eat lunch with ma girl Kay at Shake Shack

Website- Shake Shake

I decided to dress casual and comfortable, wearing one of my favorite jeans from Danice and a sparkly sweater. My Bobs always bring a comfy vibe to any outfit. 

Didn't think peach an purple would go together so well.

Hair: Twist & bantu out   Sweater: Dr Jays- Fulton street Bk   Pants: Danice
 Bobs: Sketchers    Necklace: Street vendor- Court st Bk (usually there in warm weather)
     Earrings: Random      Scarf: Target- Atlantic Mall Bk

Instagram: Trinibkbabej


Friday, January 25, 2013

STYLE Me Friday: Floral and Leather

This is my second style me Friday inspired outfit!! I'm really enjoying doing these :)

This look was right up my alley because I love pairing girly & edgy pieces together

(lol @ my coffee mug)

Hair: Twists      Jacket: Necessary Clothing- Soho nyc    Dress: H&M
Belt: Random    Boots: Rainbow (very old)       Bag: Gift

Confession: It was crazyyy cold that day and my photog and I just couldn't go outside to take the pics :/

How did I do this week?

Here is Eboni's inspired recreation over at 'The Fashionista Next Door'

Did you participate in this weeks Style me Friday??


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Makeup: Colored Lips Anyone?

                                                                          ( No Flash)

Hmmm, I tried this the other day and actually loved it. I saw a few ladies rock similar looks on Instagram as well.
Would you rock colored lips? If so, what color.

Wearing : Wet & Wild Color Icon eye pencil in Green/ vert

I'll surly wear this at night, and probably a little more subtle during the day.
                                                                       (True shade)

Welcome New Bloggies *Trini Hugs*


Monday, January 21, 2013

OUTFIT: Army High Waist Leggings

On Saturday I celebrated ma girl's Birthday (her birthday is next saturday actually) with  friends  at Secrets Nightclub

If you're ever in the Brooklyn area on a weekend, looking for a night of fun, check out Secrets. Women are usually fee before a certain time (ususlly 12/ 12.30am) and men pay a small cover (usually $10-15).

Saturday, everyone was free before 1am!

Secrets Nightclub
724 Nostrand ave
(bet park & Prospect)
Brooklyn NY

 Hair: Twist Out    Earrings: Gift       Necklace: H&M 34th Street nyc         
Cardigan: (tied at back) Dejaniero     Leggings: H&M (recent)           Shoes: Bakers- Fulton st Bk    

Lippie: Mac 'Up the Amp' & Milani 'Black Cherry' lipsticks

What do you think about this outfit??

Also, check out the ootn (outfit of the night) video here


Sunday, January 20, 2013

OUTFIT: 1994 Casual Chic

 Green is and forever will be my favorite color...Just saying :)

Went out with the guy to see the movie  'Django' on Thursday

     Necklace: street vendor    Earrings: Burlington- Atlantic Mall Bk
 Blazer: H&M- 34th street (recent)     TShirt: Old Navy (recent) 
Pants:: H&M (recent)  Boots: Aldo- Fulton Street Bk

Pants is high waist
It gets very dusty ( every little speck shows)
H&M has different colors in the pants
I'm wearing size 10 (i'm usually size 7/8)
I had my mom take in the legs (from the knee down)
Price: 12.95

Movie Rating
Boy was that movie longgg
Very violent & gory
"Entertaining...yet touchy"... the guy
My rating: 7  Guy's rating: 6.5

My latest hair video here


Friday, January 18, 2013

My first-Style Me Friday : Cozy Neutrals

This week I decided to take part in Style Me Friday hosted by Mrs Eboni at The Fashionista Next Door (one of my favorite blogs)

 Hat: Street Vendor     Sunnies: The Guy's    Shirt: Tick Tock ('Mine' brand)
Jeans: DrJays- Fulton st Bk (2011)      Wedge Boots: Rainbow- Crown Heights Bk (2012)    
Coat: H&M (2011)      Bag: Mom's- 'Neal Decker' brand
Lippie: NYC lip liner- 'Pumpkin'

On Trend Neal Decker Bag here

Another blogger, Trina (from the baby shopaholic) recreated the look on Eboni's behalf this week- Trina's Style me Friday recreation here

Tell me (&/or rate this post) How did I do on my first Style me Friday?


Monday, January 14, 2013

OUTFIT: A Birthday Party

This past Saturday I went to a Birthday Party with my Clique ;) at the newly renovated Cafe Omar                 .                                                                           Brooklyn

I've bin to Cafe several times before the renovation, and I have to say, I didn't see much of a difference :/ (Just color change and some sofas.)
All in all, it was a great night out

smell test lol

I wanted to wear this dress for new years, but because my plans change I didn't. So glad I was able to wear it for this party

Hair: Twist Out     Earrings: Street Vendor   Necklace: H&M (34th st)
Dress: Know Style (Lower Manhattan)    Shoes: DSW (34th st)    Clutch: Gift      
 Scarf: KMart (34th st)

End of the night :)


Friday, January 11, 2013

OUTFIT: Thrift Item(s)

These are the few things I got when I went thrift shopping this past Tuesday :)
Discount Center
1065 Broadway
Brooklyn NY

You got me with anything lace or mesh! Size medium, would prefer a small. Might let moms take in the sides so I can wear it with my Aztec pencil skirt...

I just LUV simple tanks like this one. This would usually retail at about $20! Thinking of adding studs or something...

One leg is longer than one! I'm probably cutting 'em as you read. What should I wear with this rugged army cut offs?

I heart my Uniqlo Mickey Tee! (more than my minnie sweater *gasp*) I don't usually go for white when thrifting, but this Tee was next to new...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got these 4 items for $12

Wearing a mixture of Mac 'Viva Glam Nicki' & ' Ruby Woo'
(looks more peach in person)

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tuesday OUTFIT: Hand Print (snapped)

I went to check out a thrift store  a lady on youtube brags about lol. It was actually pretty up to par.
Clothing in good condition, great prices, nice staff (one guy). I will be going back!

Discount Center
1065 Broadway
Brooklyn NY
( I will show what I picked up (4 items /$12) in a later post)

Finally wore my hand print top. Not how I wanted to (with shorts) , but its all good!

Hair: Bantu Out                Necklace: street vendor    Top: Pretty Girl- DIY hand prints  
Belt: H&M-34th st nyc       Jeans: H&M             Boots: Tempo- Court st Brooklyn

People, do not sleep on stores like Rainbow, Pretty Girl and Danice. You get great steals in there...just don't put clothing in dryer... :D

What I cooked that night ;)
Dumplings & stir fried teriyaki chicken


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Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY: 'Peace'

I had a little time on my hands the other day, so I decided to be creative.

(apologies for the quality of pics. I used my new video cam. Key word 'video' J! smh Will know better for next time)
I was inspired by this pack of letters I bought at Target earlier that day.

1. Draw out the letters  on regular printing paper. I used a permanent marker in black.

2. You can create a design if you want within the letters. I went with Zebra print for a couple letters...sort of  lol
My colors of choice; black and pink. You use what's better for your decor

3. Apply glue on the back of each letter and stick it carefully onto glossy photo paper

4. When the glue dries, cut out the extra "parts" of the P, A ans Es. I used a box cutter. Be careful. I used a scissors to cut the rest.

Then you're pretty much done!

Glue/ stick letters any where you want :)
Your room, kids room...Be creative.

Have fun

My latest style vid on Youtube

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