Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Day I was Born...28 years later

A few shots I took as I enjoyed my Birthday


                          Mohito (His)                                               White Wine

I am truly Blessed and I thank God I am alive...everyday!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MAKEUP: Before & After BIRTHDAY Edition :)

Thank God for another year of LIFE


(Vignette (darkness around pic) was added to these pics, but otherwise they are not edited)
Brows done in 'before' pic

(Yesterday was my Birthday!!) 


Monday, August 27, 2012

RE-DO: Desk Lamp

... tho lamps can't see *scratches chin*

Ahright. My desk lamp's color wasn't cutting it anymore (the top was green), so I brought out the paint!!

I gave it one full coat of Acrylic paint: Licorice- Plaid ( except  the knob at the back)

Luckily I put it on to see that the green was still showing through the top!!

When the 1st coat dried, I went in with a thick second coat painting the knob as well ... and voila, it's back in action.

Downside: The paint will chip easily since I use this lamp a lot so I have to be careful. I even decided not to put my pens and pencils in it anymore.

Upside: It looks dapper!

Paint is a wonderful thing :)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

OUTFIT: Good Girl

I feel like such a goodie two shoes when wearing this dress :)

Dress: (old) Mandee
Shoe: Gift
Ring: Street Vendor
Sunnies: Micheal Kors

My Outfit from Wednesday. Go check out my video


Thursday, August 23, 2012

RE-DO- Stained Clutch

I can't even remember where I got this clutch from, but its bin around for years.

I used these two paints to get the desired shade: Metallic Acrylic Paint- 'Aztec Gold' & two drops of 'Antique Gold'. Added two drops of water and mixed.

It dried (about 75 percent) pretty fast so I was able to paint the whole clutch in one shot.

Bought this chain at a craft store for $1. I measured the length, cut it with a cutter thing and used the remaining piece for a "necklace" (Inspired by Qochemist). Super Cute!!! (I still have to add the hook to it)


Ok. I don't know if these chains come in gold cause that would of saved me tons of time.
This is what I did to apply the pain onto the chain

I had to blow between the links to get rid of the paint bubbles and used the brush to touch up any silver parts.

That didn't work too well. The paint was still coming off.THEN  I remembered that it didn't have to be perfect. It's just a chain and I'm a human being. Also, it kind of matched because there is a little silver on the side of the clutch :)

I kept adjusting the chain while it dried so it would not dry with paper attached to it

When everything dried, I got thread that match the clutch and a big needle.
I sewed the ends of the chain onto the inside corner fold of the bag.

Much better :)

Hope  you enjoyed this post


Sunday, August 19, 2012

RE-DO: Old Box

Lately I've bin just changing up a few things in my bed-room

My vision is to have one half of my room grown and serious and the other half fun and bright...Yup

Instead of buying new things, I decided to just re-do and re-vamp the old stuff. 

This is what I did to this old box I bought about 3 years ago from Conway

I got the stones- plastic (a year ago) from a 99c store and I used a glue gun (gift from Heaven) to stick them on

(The back is still naked and I have to fill in a few spots on the sides)

This box actually reminds me of a cake my mom made for my 26th BDay LOL!!

I will have a few related posts to come in the near future!

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