Saturday, May 26, 2018


I'm back!
The weather is too nice to be
gone any longer.

Also, I'm feeling much more inspired!

I had my step son (5 y/o)
take these pics.
I think he did great!

Top: Danice (old)
Jeans: Rainbow
Sandals: F21
Bag: Rainbow

Im loving this weather!!


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Semi Casual feat. Scooby Tee

Another T Shirt outfit.
Sorry, not sorry. This is my jam lol

T Shirt from Target
Jean's from Rainbow
Shoes from Rainbow

Somebody call Rainbow for your girl.

Ps: my hair is relaxed. Update
coming soon 


(Photos not edited)

*** 2nd time wearing tshirt

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Parenthood is tough
 Point. Blank. Period
that unconditional love cannot 
be beat!!

Blessings and a Happy
Mother's Day

Wearing my mom's shirt/dress


Friday, May 4, 2018

The Cheesecake Factory ~ My Review

The Cheese Cake Factory
1504 Old Country Road, Westberry
The Mall at The Source

Mother in law's birthday.
It was seven of us.
My family (4), the Birthday girl and
her two daughters (one of which is a 
rapper btw)

We called in advance to reserve a table
but was denied that option.

Date and Time/wait 
It was extremely crowded when we 
arrived there at about 7pm.

The greeting was warm and welcoming.

We waited (standing) 40 minutes prior to 
being seated...20 minutes
shy of our given wait time.

The service was a bit slow but
understandable. It was crazy busy!

Our waitress was exceptional. Very
friendly and social.

Based on taste, the food was 8/10...
but that bread though...we had to asked
for more (to take home).We took
the butter too.
That bread was everything. They served
it before our meal, which
is probably why we didn't complain
about the wait.

The environment was warm, dark and
cozy. Very family friendly.
We sat at a booth.

 Final Thoughts
The one thing I didn't like?
There is no restroom on the second floor/
main seating and bakery.
The ground floor has limited seating
and bar.

I would give my experience a 9/10 
rating. I would definitely 
make the 30- 40 minute drive from
Brooklyn again this summer!

Ps. Only the birthday girl had cheese cake.

Hope this was helpful


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Semi Casual feat. Camo.+ Cropped Denim

Happy May!

I'm a Jean's and t shirt girl
at heart.

Denim Jacket: h&m (old)
T shirt: Target
Shoes: Rainbow


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Living with a Toddler?- My Advice

If you didn't know I have a 3 y/o.
(And a 5 y/o step son)
Though the terrible 2s faze 
is long gone, I'm still faced with
a demanding, temper tantrum throwing
3 year old.

I once asked a friend if it (parenthood) ever gets easier as the child gets older, she said...
"No, just different"
So far, it seems like she was right.

Here are some tips I use to help
balance things out.

1. Always listen to your child
- they love being heard, so give them
a chance to share their views.
You always want them to know
that their " voice" matters.

2. Allow him to vent
- even as adults we need some space/ time
to let it out. Allow your child to do
just that... every now and then.

3. Always remain calm
- this is a tough one, especially (for me)
when you get to that point where you've had 
enough. Speak stern but calm and 
vent in private (preferably through prayer)
Listen, it gets tough sometimes.

4.No is no
Never, ever under any circumstances 
go back on your "no".
Once you say no stick to it.
There would be tantrums and sad faces
but you have to stand firm on this.

A no followed by an "ok"/"yes"/"sure"
will make your toddler more persistant 
in the future thinking that 
you would give in eventually every time.

5.Give time outs
I stopped spanking Anna (my 3 y/o...
unless she does something very bad)
Time outs and taking away her
favorite toys seem to do the trick right now.

Make sure to tell her why she's on
time out.

6. Always show love.
Don't forget to hug your child often.
Let them know how great they are
for example "you're so much fun",
"you're so cool", "you're such a good person"
I try to limit the cute, pretty, handsome compliments...

7. Speak clearly to her
Meaning, use of big words are ok.
Get ready to explain the meaning
of words even if your toddler doesn't
ask "what's that?"

Hope this helps


Tuesday, April 24, 2018